Physician, Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner Locum Tenens Services

Why Do Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants Choose Locum Tenens Positions?

There are many reasons that nurse practitioners and physician assistants choose to take advantage of locum tenens (temporary) job opportunities, including:

  • Freedom.
    Choose when and where you work, throughout the nation. Assignments can range from a few shifts to a year or more.
  • Independence.
    Escape the politics and bureaucratic headaches of a traditional nurse practitioner career.
  • Compensation.
    Earn a highly competitive rate (often more than a typical permanent position) based on medical specialty and location. Typically, travel related costs (such as airfare, hotel, and car rental) are covered.
  • Experience.
    Gain valuable experience, improve skills, and enhance your CV by taking advantage of locum tenens jobs in a wide variety of practice settings and locations.
  • Malpractice Insurance provided free of charge.
    Medical Advantage Recruiters provides ‘A’ rated malpractice insurance for all of its nurse practitioners while on assignment.

If you are interested in our locum tenens opportunities, simply call 877-490-5260 and one of our professional recruiters would be happy to assist you.

What is Locum Tenens?

The term locum tenens is Latin for “holding one’s place”. A locum tenens agency, such as Medical Advantage Recruiters, recruits and assigns nurse practitioners and physician assistants to temporary positions at hospitals, medical practices, and companies across the country.

Medical Advantage Recruiters is able to assign locum nurse practitioners and physician assistants on temporary assignments ranging from just a few shifts or weeks at a time to up to a year or more in a wide variety of practice areas. With locum tenens work, you control where and when you work.

Working as a locum tenens physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant is a rapidly growing, interesting, and exciting career option. Locum tenens nurse practitioner and physician assistant jobs provide the ability to travel, gain experience in different settings and locations, and earn great compensation. Increasingly, nurse practitioners and physician assistants are making a career as locum tenens providers.

Locum tenens nurse practitioners and physician assistants are independent contractors. Medical malpractice insurance is provided by Medical Advantage Recruiters free of charge. However, as independent contractors, Medical Advantage Recruiters is not able to provide healthcare benefits. It’s important to note that working as an independent contractor may have tax benefits (such as the ability to deduct healthcare premiums paid and other expenses). We recommend seeing your tax advisor for more information on working as an independent contractor.