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7 Steps to Negotiate Your Advanced Practice Provider Starting Salary

By | Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant

Most New or Recent graduate Advanced Practice Providers want to negotiate their salary and benefits before accepting a job offer. Here’s how to have that candid conversation about money with a potential employer. I think there are several main reasons why most nurse practitioners and physician assistants may shy away from salary negotiations. Many people just don’t like talking about money. Additionally, many people (including some new graduates) may undervalue their capabilities because they have no experience as an APRN or PA. So, if you want to earn what you’re worth, you need to embrace a change in your mindset. You can also learn the strategies to become a very effective negotiator. 1. Understand Your Value as a Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant Let’s start by appreciating the value you bring to the organization. Studies show that Advanced Practice providers like nurse practitioners and physician assistants help to reduce the incidence of…

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